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Dynamic Natural Athletes, D.N.A, specializes in comprehensive customized personal training, customized nutrition, and athletic training, for adults & youth, in the sports of bodybuilding, endurance training, obstacle course racing, as well as others.  D.N.A. strongly believes in NATURAL methods and utilizes a cutting-edge approach to enhance each person's unique genetic makeup.

YOUR health is our priority. 


OUR training




  • Training, coaching, posing and nutrition plans (DNAdvantage™) for all Bodybuilding Classes: Bikini, Figure, Fit Body, men and women’s Physique, men and women’s Bodybuilding.

  • All levels: Debut, Novice, all Amateur and Pro Levels.

  • Specific phase by phase nutrition and training plan, with customized calendar made for your competition.

  • On and off season plans



  • Designed for Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes (Endurance Athletes)

  • Cross training & strengthening techniques specific to your sport

  • Periodization training according to your specific event/race

  • Customized nutrition plans for optimal fuel (DNAdvantage™)

  • Detailed pre-race meal & training plan (one week before race)

Obstacle Course


  • Designed specific for Beginner and Advanced levels of OCR

  • Cross training & strengthening techniques specific to OCR

  • Customized nutrition plans for optimal fuel (DNAdvantage™)

  • Detailed pre-race meal & training plan (one week before race)

Your Optimal Weight

  • Custom Nutrition Plan that is customized to your unique genetics, needs, and goals. 

  • Complete Analysis of Family History, Genetic Makeup, Blood Type, Inflammatory Markers & other. 
    Customized Monthly Shopping list and menu

  • Online Recipe Portal with access to many delicious recipes bringing you one meal closer to a healthier you! 
    Weekly Check-Ins that will ensure you stay on track and move toward your goals. 

  • One-on-One Coaching: You will have a personal coach and partner guiding you through this journey.

our approach



Enhance Your Genetics

In & Out of Season Training Plans

100% Natural Methods

  • Customized to YOU, your goals and your unique strengths. 

  • Comprehensive, step by step guidelines: ALL the information and support you need to train and fuel for success.

  • Using your genetics to your advantage to help you be the best version of yourself every season.

  • Researched safe/healthy methods to reduce/eliminate any risk of injury or over training your body type may be genetically prone to.

  • Scientific/genetic approach to customizing your optimal fuel and energy blend to give you the most competitive advantage.

  • Carefully planned strategies to keep you competitive in season and healthy and on track off season

  • No extreme dieting or training.

  • Enabling you to be a full time athlete 100% of the time.

  • Using natural & healthy foods to fuel your body. 

  • Minimal use of supplements. 

  • A healthy lifestyle you can sustain for life.




Want to chat about your goals? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help!


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