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"I just want to say, Laleh is the most kind, genuine & of course incredibly knowledgeable coach. She is the greatest cheerleader and alt. I can walk in and feel very down, discouraged & exhausted and by the time I leave am feeling ready to conquer anything!!! Laleh is so much more than just a coach!!! So I took her advice and agreed to train with Karlen.

I was a little intimidated the first time I met with Karlen, but he is a sensitive & kind trainer. He is always concerned with injuries-he always checks in. I have to say training with Karlen has been a pleasure!!"

- P. Brennen


"As a fitness professional with an extensive background in wellness, when being consulted it is critical for me that my mentor has the same mindset, expectations and discipline that I do.  As rare as that is, Dr. Laleh lives as she preaches and practices what she advises. I defer all nutrition guidance to her because she walks the walk with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Dedicating her entire professional life to curing cancer is a testament to her commitment to enhance the wellness of the entire community.  Cancer runs in my immediate family and like everyone, I don’t want cancer and I fuel my body to be the best I can be. If I can control the likelihood of disease, illness and being unwell by eating foods and absorbing critical nutrients that complement my activity, blood type and metabolic needs, why would I not seek the wisdom of a PhD who has studied it all.  Laleh wants to know ALL of it and keeps it 100% real with her clients. I respect her confidence, discretion and truly appreciate she is always available for a consultation or to answer any questions I have. Day or night, near or far, in season or out of season, she is there and I have continued to achieve the best results possible beyond my expectations.

It was my pleasure to observe her win her pro card bodybuilding in 2015.  Everyone has to start somewhere and as a coach who gets better and better each year, she thrives on developing up and coming figure and bodybuilding competitors.  She will be your biggest cheerleader and depending on your condition, she might even save your life either through prevention of disease or inspiring you to take a leap."   

- Anonymous


"I crossed paths with Dr. Laleh when I elected to take part in one of her exercise classes. Her energy and commitment was magnetic. I've always been active but as a career person I thought I had reached a pretty good fitness level given the time I could allocate. I'm also at Type 1 Diabetic and nutrition has always been on my radar. Conversations with Dr. Laleh led to personally crafted nutrition plans that helped me further control my diabetes. Further conversation led to her becoming my coach for Figure bodybuilding and attaining a level of athleticism, commitment and health I had not previously imagined. We all like to feel our best, and Laleh has helped me obtain that!"

- J. Johnson


"Everyone has that someone that has made a positive impact in their life, that person for me is Laleh.

I met Laleh just as I was turning 45, I am now 53. The things I  learned from her have stayed with me and are a part of my everyday. I truly AM stronger and more agile because of the decision I made, that's what it comes down to, your decision to take control.


I have relapsed a couple times over the years but because I know what works for me, it's easy to get back on track. Laleh has revised my plan a few times, as needed. Once you become a client of hers she is always there for you, no questions are too small or silly because she really cares and wants you to feel the best you possibly can. The passion she has for health and fitness is infectious, truly it is.


I feel more excited about aging because each year I continue to get stronger and feel my body working as it should. It's all because I believed in Laleh. I hope you will too.

Karlen Thyne, my personal trainer for the last two years, has been nothing but a positive influence in my health & fitness. I hired Karlen to help prepare me for my older-self, building muscle and proper form when working out.


Karlen continues to bring a personal touch & style to each visit. He is always excited & prepared to work the program he has designed for me. Karlen has a vision for how to increase my strengths and work on my weakness, I believe he knows them more than I do. He appears to have much more confidence in my abilities and what I can and can not handle. I have come to trust him completely as he has proven himself with each session. Karlen knows how and when to push or pull back, he watches every single move, ready for anything. He knows when I am holding back and calls me on it, each time. If a movement is not working for me he is quick to find another exercise to replace it.  Karlen will not hesitate to correct my posture in the slightest way, when lifting or stretching, to ensure that I have proper form to maximize benefits and decrease risks of injury.


I did not intend to train this long but find I enjoy the challenge of each workout, once it's done! I enjoy and appreciate his positive energy and no minute of my time is wasted, he is focused and ready to work. I also love the personal space of his studio."

- J. Melahn

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